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MVAC - Social clubs and Citizen's house - Ilham LARAQUI - France
  • MVAC - Social clubs and Citizen's house - Ilham LARAQUI - France
MVAC - Social clubs and Citizen's house - Ilham LARAQUI - France

Ilham LARAQUI - France

Ilham LARAQUI is a young architect, an entrepreneurial woman who created at 30 years old LARAQUI BRINGER ARCHITECTURE with Marc BRINGER architect, in 2010 in Paris. Since then, the french agency has been celebrating many prizes and recognitions as listed below: 

2009 - Prize-winner among 466 participants at the International Competition “Building for Bouwkunde” - Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism, landscape, Design and Building Sciences of the TU-Delft (Netherlands) – “Green Housed Culture”.
2009 - Prize-winner of the European Competition of Architecture and Urbanism: EUROPAN 10 - Seilh / “Fields of Possibilities”. The competition gathered 2,429 architects aged less than 40 years.
2010 - Prize-winner of the session 2009-2010 Album of Young Architects and Urban Planners known as AJAP, delivered by the French Ministry of Culture. The competition gathered 242 agencies, owned by architects under 35 years.
2011 - Winner of 2 different public competitions in close suburb of Paris: Chaville and Saint-Ouen.
2013-2015 - Management and Delivery of both buildings: Saint-Ouen’s Social Clubs and Citizen's House and Chaville’s Cultural & Leisure Centre.
2015 - Prize winner of “PRO-BTP Awards” - ECL of Chaville.

Project Description

A big open house in the heart of Saint-Ouen. Support for expression, exchange, and creativity for the 270 associations in the town.

The MVAC (House for Associations and Citizens) was conceived as an urban landmark in the northern suburbs of Paris. It is positioned close to the centre of Saint-Ouen: the Place de la République, a convergence point for the districts transport routes with its public facilities and shops. It is a big house with beautiful timber façades, high windows equipped with accordion shutters and long terraces at all levels, forming a balcony over the town. The MVAC asserts itself with its expressive architecture, while respecting the dominant lines of the existing buildings along Gabriel Péri Avenue. It stands out while playing with the continuities in a subtle and harmonious manner: a well-tempered contextuality.

The new House is a site for sharing and for mixing. The sharing of spaces by the associations, and the mixing of practices and cultures. To achieve this range of uses, the interior spaces are flexible, adaptable and multipurpose. At the same time the sense of mixing is expressed by the richness and diversity of the interior spaces. Each space acts as a unique support for creation and freedom of expression. This mixing is also articulated in the marriage of wood and concrete. Timber defines the building’s exterior, while concrete emphasizes its interior spaces. This combination endows the MVAC with two distinct faces.

The driving ambition was to build a functional, welcoming facility that is open to all, and at the same time provide a lasting legacy for future generations. It was designed as a green building, an epitome of ecological virtues that forms a continuation with the eco-district of the Docks, at the heart of the historic town. This project embodies the metamorphosis of an industrial town into an eco-city in Grand Paris.


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