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Maxx Royal Kemer Hotel - Baraka Architects - Turkey
  • Maxx Royal Kemer Hotel - Baraka Architects - Turkey
Maxx Royal Kemer Hotel - Baraka Architects - Turkey

Baraka Architects

baraka Architects
Abdurrahman Çekim – Architect, born in 1978, Iğdır, Turkey / Sevilay Uğur Çekim- Architect, born in 1980, Ankara, Turkey

They found ‘baraka’ in 2009 . The studio aims to maintain an architectural design practice focused on context and to develop this through the potentials inherent to it. they designed projects on many different subjects and on many different scales in various fields like houses, hotel, office, school, logistics center etc. ‘baraka’ also won several national architectural awards. Co founder of Baraka Abdurrahman Çekim also took part in 2010 Arredamento Architecture the Young Architects profile. In 2013, he made the studio executive called Perceptions and Misconceptions in Workshop 's at MSGSU. In 2014, he attend an interview called Architectural Practice and Process at Eskisehir Osmangazi University. And also the interviews are published some respectable magazines. In 2014, Abdurrahman Cekim is awarded the << Young Architecture Prize>> by the Arkitera Foundation. Presently, he gives lectures and organize architectural workshops in Yıldız Tecnical Universities.

Project Description

The project area is located in the town called Kiriş, in Kemer district of Antalya, Turkey. It has an area of 150.000 square meters and is almost like a boundary between the developed and natural areas, a doorstep into the nature.

Extending on a rather steep hillside, the project area is surrounded by a thick forest, two bays and a very long beach. It is positioned east to west and divided into natural sub-areas different in character by trees, unique flora, dropping hills, remains of the Kiriş World Hotel that was built in this area in 1987 as well as bays and small beaches.

The most prominent feature of the project area is the way it absorbs and conceals and holds back whatever it bears inside instead of revealing them.

The information above provides the main criteria establishing the conceptual framework of the project. In that regard, the contexts specific to each sub-area and the design criteria developed based on these concepts have been adopted as type guide. General decisions on settlement have been made accordingly.

The hotel has 291 rooms in total: 133 suites of 100 square meters in the main building, 84 family suites of 185 square meters on the slopes, 59 laguna villas of 150, 250 and 310 square meters on the beach and 15 beach villas of 250, 350 and 450 square meters. There are 6 à la carte restaurants and 4 bars.

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