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Loft in an old Carpentry - Agnès Chryssostalis/ Agnès Guillemin - France
  • Loft in an old Carpentry - Agnès Chryssostalis/ Agnès Guillemin - France
  • Loft in an old Carpentry - Agnès Chryssostalis/ Agnès Guillemin - France
Loft in an old Carpentry - Agnès Chryssostalis/ Agnès Guillemin - France

Agnès Chryssostalis/ Agnès Guillemin - France

Agnès Guillemin and Agnès Chryssostalis share the same name and the same formation: Architecture Schoolof Paris-La Seine. They discover complementary, sharing the same sensitivity that forges their duo. After school, they continue their journey in Parisian offices, separately this time: a practical apprenticeship in teamwork, an economic and programmatic synthesis of the projects on which they work. But the envy has just developed a vocabulary of its own. A choice that led them to create in 2005 their own workshop : Agnès & Agnès architecture. Design “from the inside out”, use by touches of color, sensitivity for the interiority and vision of any “object” as a small architecture - they also create a furniture design unit. Gradually the agency turns to public places (with several restaurants, hotels and shops) and then the public commands: the contact with different contractors - from the individual to the single control to the large-scale developer - develops their capacity to adapt to a wide range of demands and budgets. The agency draws from these multiple experiences to renew its models and methods, always with the motto of continuity between the interior and exterior spaces, the quality of use of the places of life and the reversibility of the solutions proposed.

Project Description

the end of a courtyard in the heart of Paris, into a family house hosting 7 persons (2 adults and 5 teeangers) To fill up this very large space (320 m.) underneath a huge skylight, we have decided to provide this large void with little boxes fulfilling the needed functions. These boxes have a pitched house shape and are scattered on both levels. We conceived the ground floor as the main space which hosts everyday functions such as the living area, the tv room, and the kitchen – dining room, the latter was set it in one of these boxes. This box is black, central and full of light due to the openings in its ceiling. The first floor represents a more intimate space, where all the bedrooms are located. The children's rooms have doors in a blue shade to make them stand out. Every room is like a little house with a diffrent color in the interior reflecting each child's personnality. The corridor serving all the rooms is provided with a handrail in perforated steel and a flexible floor to give a fresh feel to it. In this transformation we kept in mind the identity of the site while creating a modern and colorful space for the family.
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