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Klekovaca Tourist Centre - Antonio G. Liñán - Spain
  • Klekovaca Tourist Centre - Antonio G. Liñán - Spain
Klekovaca Tourist Centre - Antonio G. Liñán - Spain
Antonio G. Liñán - Spain

MSc in Architecture, Town planning and Construction. Antonio graduated as an architect from the Seville School of Architecture. He is a lecturer in architecture at the ETSA Seville. Since 2002 he has worked as a partner at SV60 arquitectos. As an individual architect he collaborates with different national and international publications, where his work has been widely published and exhibited, and works on projects and architectural competitions as a way of experimentation and professional development. His works have been recognized with several awards in Spain and abroad: Grand Prix Leonardo 2015 (Minsk), Mention Ugo Rivolta award 2015 (Milan), NAN award 2015 (Barcelona), Silver Medal American Architecture Prize (New York), etc. He has won several prizes in achitectural competitions as:
1st Prize Medical School and Health Sciences Building in Nicosia (Cyprus), 1st Prize Congresses, Fairs and Exhibitions Palace in Cuenca (Spain), 1st Prize 317 units Social housing in Loma de Colmenar, Ceuta (Spain), etc.

Project Description

The proposal aim is to maintain to the maximum the natural environment as well as to highlight its beauty. The proposal is also going to reflect the mixture of traditional urban grids with contemporary quiet buildings which have as an aim to create a homely environment for the visitor, and to accomplish synergy of the visual quality of the landscape, open spaces and architecture. We work on an experimental hybrid between urbanism and landscape design: City and Nature overlapped in the simultaneous coexistence of a recreational open landscape of urban stripes superimposed on an urban neighborhood of walkable streets, plazas and Parks. The complex is organized along a circular building of retail, entertainment and facility programs. Over the ring building bicycles, peatons and sikiers, among and electric public transport bring visitors quickly around. The vast accessible roof features gentle sloping surface allowing visitors to experience the panoramic views of the Mountain landscape. The proposed Touristic complex includes the ring and different separated stripes which consist of series of different shaped buildings integrated in an urban grid related to the traditional towns of the area. The design result is like a small city´s urban grid housed inside abstract stripes creating a landmark villa.
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