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Claude Lévêque - ABC Studio - France
  • Claude Lévêque - ABC Studio - France
Claude Lévêque - ABC Studio - France
Doonam BACK and Yann CACLIN Architects - France
ARCHITECTURES BACK CACLIN was born from the meeting of Doonam BACK and Yann CACLIN at the architecure school of Nancy, of which they graduated together in 2008, after an ERASMUS year at FAUP, Porto, Portugal in 2005. In 2009, they traveled 5 months around the world to meet contemporary cities.

Before creating their office in 2010, they worked at Beaudouin architects, Christian Vincent architect and Giovanni Pace architect offices. In 2016, they are laureates of “AJAP 2016” by the french Ministry of Culture, young architecure prize.

Project Description

Memory of the Lorraine steel industry Extension of the work "Tous les soleils", 2007, Claude Lévêque.
Witness to the steel industry of Lorraine, the U4 was invested in 2007 by the artist Claude Lévêque. Today his work extends inside the hall of casting. Our mission is to transcribe his work into an architectural project, to draw a visiting bridge. The architecture at the service of the artist’s work, the site, the memory of the place. Our work disappears to the benefit of the experience: The footbridge becomes invisible.
Intervention questions the rightness of action. Architecture is the link between the artist and the visitor, without paying any attention to it.
Galvanized steel gangway, plates integrating LED bars.
ME AND YOU development