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Caracas Symphony Complex  - Asario Scenes Architectures - France
  • Caracas Symphony Complex  - Asario Scenes Architectures - France
  • Caracas Symphony Complex  - Asario Scenes Architectures - France
  • Caracas Symphony Complex  - Asario Scenes Architectures - France
Caracas Symphony Complex - Asario Scenes Architectures - France

Asario Scenes Architectures

In 2010, he created Asario Scenes Architectures, borrowing from the theater the reference tools to create an architecture that dialogue with the public space. In the same year he won the Caracas Symphony Complex Competition. In 2011, he co-founded, in parallel with his activity in France, the Venezuelan company for the studies of the project in Caracas, and worked as the principal partner on the concert halls studies. The project, initiated by El Sistema, the internationally recognized music education program, is part of a hypersensitive social context and is recognized as being of public interest. Two years later, important economic constraints forced Jean-Marc to withdraw, leaving the end of the studies to continue locally, and unfortunately stopping before the start of the construction. Beyond the architectural project, he retained the excellence of the program of social action for music, and decided to join the support committee of El Sistema France.In 2013, the designer Ora-Ito will offer him the opportunity of an exceptional new adventure, entrusting him with the management of his most personal project, of which he is the new owner: the restoration and rehabilitation of the Le Corbusier gymnasium at the Radiant City in Marseille. Ora-Ito has imagined in great detail his "Mamo" Arts Center, and Jean-Marc will have made possible and realized the construction of the equipment located on the rooftop at 56 m high, listed historical monument at the UNESCO World Heritage Site. He is currently working on a new configuration of the equipment. Asario has a mathematical approach to architecture, and translates it into the design of sensitive geometric shapes. He is currently studying projects for individual houses, interior design and scenography. His numerous collaborations made him meet many talents, with complementary skills, and today possible independent partners in the framework of a collective work: engineers, landscapers, BIM architects, site supervisor, graphic designers... Jean-Marc Rio also emphasizes the value to collaborate with other architectural agencies, to act in the complexity of some buildings. He is also a daily consultant within the framework of the design of equipment of cultural interest.

Project Description

El Sistema is internationally recognized as a unique and distinguished program based on how musical training can both create great musicians and change the life trajectory of children in extremely impoverished circumstances. Founded in 1975 by economist and musician José Antonio Abreu, and supported by el Maestro Gustavo Dudamel, El Sistema encourages the cultural development and raises hope of social and professional integration.

The idea of the project is to divide the building in two units through a horizontal fracture that opens the panorama towards Los Caobos Park, and to create a public square in the middle, where the visitors and the users can have a social bond. The music conservatory is anchored to the ground, including the rehearsal rooms for orchestras, and the concert halls are located overhead, like a suspended block in the air. The three concert halls, 1900 seats, 1700 seats, 500 seats, are treated differently to obtain multiple acoustics and meet the specificity of the different orchestras. The remaining program includes administration, musicians residences, a student restaurant, a cafeteria, a multimedia center and parking areas.

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