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Europe 40 Under 40 Awards ARCHIVE 2016
Aito/Vocier F35/Vocier C38 - Michael Kogelnik - Austria
  • Aito/Vocier F35/Vocier C38 - Michael Kogelnik - Austria
  • Aito/Vocier F35/Vocier C38 - Michael Kogelnik - Austria
Aito/Vocier F35/Vocier C38 - Michael Kogelnik - Austria

Michael Kogelnik - Austria

Born in 1986 and having studied Industrial Design as well as Business and Economics, Michael Kogelnik focuses on wholistic product design. This includes not only the aesthetic, but also the economic, production and functional aspects of a product.

His product development is integrated in a larger process that encompasses anything from market research to the inventive idea, sourcing, production, supply chain management and trends in society.

Michael was awarded several major design awards in the past few years, including the German Design Award Gold, iF design award, red dot award, and James Dyson Design Award. His work is being shown in various museums and publications around the world.

He holds several international patents and is also the CEO of his business VOCIER which focuses on improving the life of frequent business travelers.

Project Description

Vocier C38: Wrinkles are the result of a combination of two factors: A tight radius, and pressure. The patented C38 luggage avoids both these factors, and thus allows you to carry up to 2 suits wrinkle-free in a carry-on luggage. For a fast check-in, access to the luggage interior is provided via an opening at the top. Inside, a lightweight foam hanger is mounted via magnetic snaps. Additionally, the product features a patented handle with an integrated bag for small items. C38 looks classic and timeless and is made from tough impact-modified, fiber-reinforced plastics and genuine Italian leather.

Vocier F35: The F35 travel bag uses the patented Zero-Crease System, which keeps your suit protected and free of wrinkles when travelling by car or plane. The F35 Travel Bag also fits in overhead compartments when flying and features an intuitive set of pockets that make packing easier. The leather used to make the F35 is specially cut to reduce the overall weight of the bag, bringing it to a mere 1.8 kilograms. When entering security, the innovative design allows you to quickly access the interior of the bag without opening the main compartment.

Aito: Aito is a Sauna Headrest that provides significantly higher comfort than normal wooden headrests. It is made from a patented 3-dimensionally bended wood that allows the headrest to be smooth and round in form and thus it is adhering to the ergonomic requirements of body parts. The form allows the user to relax shoulder and neck muscles while making sure breathing remains easy and effortless. Aito is lightweight and can be mass-produced economically. It can be stapled therefore it can be economically stored and transported.

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