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Çavuşdere Houses - Baraka Architects - Turkey
  • Çavuşdere Houses - Baraka Architects - Turkey
Çavuşdere Houses - Baraka Architects - Turkey

Baraka Architects

baraka Architects
Abdurrahman Çekim – Architect, born in 1978, Iğdır, Turkey / Sevilay Uğur Çekim- Architect, born in 1980, Ankara, Turkey

They found ‘baraka’ in 2009 . The studio aims to maintain an architectural design practice focused on context and to develop this through the potentials inherent to it. they designed projects on many different subjects and on many different scales in various fields like houses, hotel, office, school, logistics center etc. ‘baraka’ also won several national architectural awards. Co founder of Baraka Abdurrahman Çekim also took part in 2010 Arredamento Architecture the Young Architects profile. In 2013, he made the studio executive called Perceptions and Misconceptions in Workshop 's at MSGSU. In 2014, he attend an interview called Architectural Practice and Process at Eskisehir Osmangazi University. And also the interviews are published some respectable magazines. In 2014, Abdurrahman Cekim is awarded the << Young Architecture Prize>> by the Arkitera Foundation. Presently, he gives lectures and organize architectural workshops in Yıldız Tecnical Universities.

Project Description

Project area includes many urban and historical data concerning its location. Building fabric at that environment followed each other in history and survived till today. Road traces has continued for centuries even though buildings in parcels, size and the features of the buildings has changed. Owing to the fact that the area has an intense historical background, building propotions has kept and caused a structural pattern. In that Project, ‘structural pattern’ and ‘historical traces’ were seen as important referances and put at the base of concept idea of the project.

It was aimed to provide a proper ratio which can be seen as the continuation of the offered building mass which was supposed to be created via the ‘guidance’ of that referances. By analysing height of the blocks, overal lenght of the buildings, movements of the blocks, solid-void proportions, inner courtyard, courtyard and Shell, ‘adaptation with the fabric’ was tried to be maximized.

By this way, instead of designing a building which drive itself forward or attract attention; it was preferred to create a building which can be lost in the fabric and also be a part of the same environment.

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