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Clément Devignes (86) graduated in 2009 from the Tournai Saint-Luc School of Architecture (BE). Certified architect in Belgium, he started his own studio in 2013, and created TAG ATELIER D’ARCHITECTURE in 2014 with Dominique Lerche. In past he collaborated with AAM studio in Lille (FR) and “l’Atelier Lieux et Traces” in Tournai (BE). He was first laureate in 2009 of « Final Layout 03 » contest for the music conservatory project in Beloeil (BE). Today the office is based in Lille, TAG workshop has 8 employees and carries out various projects, particularly in the heart of the Lille metropolis where it has delivered several operations. TAG recently won with the agency Coldefy & Associé (CAAU) and the agency Paindavoine Parmentier the competition for the headquarters of Partenord Habitat in Lille. In 2018, TAG wins special mention for the 14th session of EUROPAN 14 with "URBAN CULTURE" in Lille (FR).

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