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Europe 40 under 40
The top new European architects and designers
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Europe's most important and emerging young architects and designers as Europe 40 under 40 for 2016


The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design are pleased to announce the selection of this year’s most promising and emerging design talent in Europe for 2018.

Forty architects and landscape architects and industrial designers were selected this year by a jury of architecture and design practitioners from The European Centre's International Advisory Committee composed of some of Europe and the United States' most prestigious architecture and industrial design offices.

Geographically, the selected young recipients for the 2016 “Europe 40 Under 40®” hail from across ten European nations: Austria, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Republic of Kosovo, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and Turkey—the best of the young best of Europe.

"This year's awarded Europe 40 Under 40," states Christian Narkiewicz-Laine, Museum President, The Chicago Athenaeum, "are some of the brightest and most progressive architects and designers ever selected in this program over the years. Their work is highly innovative, densely imaginative, and full of a new spirit that characterizes European design today."

The young European architects selected for 2018 provide an insight and an overview of the architectural scene in Europe, and with the aid of portraits and short explanatory texts, photographs of leading projects, featured agencies and architects and their websites.

The 2016 “Europe 40 Under 40” Laureates are:

• Michael Kogelnik VOCIER GmbH (Wr. Neustadt)

• Michel Benjamin, Heams & Michel (Biot)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3 

• Ilham LaraquiI, Laraqui Bringer Architecture (Paris)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Agnès Guillemin, Agnès&Agnès architecture (Paris)
Project 1  | Project 2 | Project 3 | Project 4 | Project 5

• Agnès Chryssostalis, Agnès&Agnès architecture (Paris)
• Ambroise Bera, Swan Architectes (Paris)
Project 1 | Project 2

• Joachim Bellemin, Swan Architectes (Paris)
• Gregoire Dubreux, MU Architecture (Paris)
Project 1Project 2 | Project 3

• Paul Le Quernec, Paul Le Quernec Architectes (Strausburg)
• Yann Follain, WY-TO architects (Paris)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Evangelos Vasileiou, Evangelos Vasileiou architecture (Paris)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3 | Project 4

• Guillaume Aubry, Freaks (Paris)
• Nicolas Moreau, Moreau Kusunoki (Paris)
• Nicolas Vernoux-Thélot, Insitu Architecture (Paris)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Pierre Audat, Pierre Audat Architecte (Paris)
• Jean-Marc Rio, Asario Architects (atelier scènes architectures) (Issy-les-Moulineaux)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Emmanuel Sitbon, Sitbon Architectes (Paris)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Yann Caclin, ABC-STUDIO (Nancy)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Carlo Grispello, Graal Architecture (Montreuil)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Dietmar Koering - Arphenotype (Cologne)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Giannis Giannoutsos, Giannis Giannoutsos Architecture (Athens)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Roula Kotsilati, Roula Kotsilati Architecture (Athens/Berlin)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3
• Anthony Logothetis, Seóra Ltd. (London)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Adam Tarr, MZO TARR Architects (London)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Lukas Rungger, noa* - network of architecture (Bolzano BZ)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Stefano Tropea, B22 (Milan, MI)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Naim Matoshi, Arcadis sh p k (Prishtina)
Project 1 Project 2 | Project 3
• Vasco Matias Correia, Camarim Arquitectos (Lisbon)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Jure Kotnik, Arhitektura Jure Kotnik (Ljubljana)
• Cristian Santandreu Utermark, A2arquitectos (Madrid)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3 | Project 4 | Project 5

• Josep Muñoz i Pérez MP Land.Art.scape.Architecture (Mataró)
• Arantza Ozaeta Cortazar, TALLERde2 Architects (Madrid)
• Alvaro Martin Fidalgo, TALLERde2 Architects (Madrid)
• Alfredo Muñoz, ABIBOO Architecture (Madrid)
• César Vivas, EVA Estudio Vivas Arquitectos (Barcelona)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Cristian Vivas, EVA Estudio Vivas Arquitectos (Barcelona)
• Antonio G. Liñán, SV60 Cordón & Liñán Arquitectos (Sevilla)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3

• Abdurrahman Cekim, Baraka Architects (İstanbul)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3
• Mert Eyiler, mert eyiler mimar atolyesi tic. ltd. şti (İstanbul)
• Onur Teke, Teke Architects (Milan)
Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3


The “Europe 40 Under 40®” program was initiated by The European Center as an bi-annual program to  spotlight and identify the next generation of architects and designers who will impact future living and working environments, cities, and rural areas. 

Presented bi-annually, the program is open to all young architects, landscape architects, urban planners, industrial designers, graphic designers, and fashion and textile designers who are under the age of 40 who are working independently or in a firm or on a specific project where they are the lead designer.

Read more about the programm at our "Press release" section or download the "Press release" of the European's Centre here.

Program Philosophy

Europe 40 Under 40® is an annual awards program that celebrates the next new talented generation of European architects. The program is directed to support new and emerging design talent that will influence the near future of European architectural design, thinking, and theory with the direct consequence of impacting future environments and future European and international cities. The key is to bring wider recognition to 40 of the most promising emerging architects working in the European Union and other countries inside Europe, fostering and encouraging new talent and new creative thinking at the forefront of tomorrow's profession.

Every two years, architects under the age of 40 (as of December 1, 2017) are invited to submit projects (built or unbuilt) to be judged by a panel of distinguished architectural practitioners, developers, architectural journalists, educators, and critics. Participating architects under 40 can be either working as individual practitioners or collaborating inside an established firm as the principal lead designer of the projects submitted.
In addition to the 28 European Union member countries, architects from the following European nations are invited to participate: Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Albania, Monaco, Andorra, Serbia, Montenegro, Georgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldavia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Canary Islands, Faeroe Islands, San Marino, and Iceland.

Projects include corporate architecture, skyscrapers, institutional projects, religious buildings, civic and political structures, planning projects, urban renewal, restoration/renovation, residential architecture for single family and multi-family dwellings, stores, residential or commercial interiors, sports and transportation centers, and public environments.

Architects, Landscape Architects and Urban Planners can apply. 

The deadline for the 2018 program is November 1, 2017. Applications are available online at The European Centre's website at


Projects are judged on the merit of design innovation with the emphasis of pushing the envelope beyond conventional methods and exploring new theories, ideas, and approaches to contemporary design. Additional
criteria for evaluation includes the use of the latest building technologies, the investigation of new materials, the incorporation of energy conservation and environmental consciousness in design, a practical sensitivity to the environment and to urban and rural surroundings and conditions, and a forward-thinking respect for “green design” as mandated by the European Union. 
The jury will select individual architects on the basis of submitted work and the potential of their impact on the future of the profession.

The results of Europe 40 Under 40 are announced in Summer and take the form of an exhibition opening in Europe and scheduled for travel. The exhibition is also presented in the United States by The Chicago Athenaeum. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition and documents the work of the 40 selected architects.
The European Centre for Architecture Design Art and Urban Studies invites young architects to submit for Europe 40 Under 40 either on line at or by posting the submission. Each applicant can submit between 1-3 projects for consideration. For posted applications, attach the following on one CD-ROM (per project):
• A postal or online completed application form.
• One to three (1 to 3) photographs per project, site plans, floor plans, sections, and elevations, in 300 dpi JPEG format no larger than 4-6 MB.
• One-page description per project.
• Application fee of €200.

Cheques made payable to: The European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. Payment can be made by Mastercard/Visa/American Express or by bank wire transmission. Email for electronic payment details.

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